Friday, October 24, 2014

I haven't completely given up on this thing yet, I have just found life to be very full and haven't allowed myself time to devote here. In the past, due to some perfectionist tendencies it might take me three hours to write a post that takes you five minutes to read...and then you want me to do it again less than a year later. That is so much pressure! Here are some highlights from the last four months and a bit on my reality today. There is SO much to update, it feels like everything has changed and I am not sure how to put that to words. I'll try my best going forward to condense it and make it interesting, there may not be photos to it all.

Since the last post, we have moved 1100 miles, down to beautiful, sunny, Anthem, Arizona. When we moved out of our home in Idaho it was mid sixtes and when we moved into our home here it was 110 degrees. So much sweat. Good news is we have a pool that is quite refreshing in that sort of weather.

We watered the grass a whole lot. I mean, so much...

The wildlife here is a new adventure. Our back yard butts up to wilderness so on any given evening we might see Javelina(wild pigs), bobcat, coyotes, rabbit, hawks, snakes, bats, scorpion, toads, pack rats...the list keeps growing. Not many threatening critters but plenty that make your skin crawl.

Your friendly(until it rips your arm off) neighborhood Javelina.

They all love to swim, but Jetty loves it the very best.

Patio dance party. This also happens a lot. My kids love to dance, if only I had some of their moves.

At the Butterfly Museum. Little boogers didn't take one good picture for me.

Audrey graduated to a big-girl bed and is 98% potty trained. Most of my days are spent trying to accomplish ANYTHING in between trips to bathrooms. Everytime we go to the grocery store they claim to be fine when we walk by the bathroom, until we get to the opposite corner of the store and then we have an urgent situation and not just once, they take turns. Sometimes Audrey needs to go three times in our 45 minutes trying to buy grapes and milk. Doesn't it take you 45 minutes to buy grapes and milk too?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oh, hello

Just a few snippets of what has been going on in our life. I finally found my little camera(which wasn't lost, just neglected) and popped the memory card in to my computer only to find a few little treasures to share.

My little sparkle pony

And…my superheros

This is how we paint

Look at this handsome artist

Jetty-boo puzzle maniac

Hot stuff modeling with his mini- pumpkin pies. A mohawk and loaner necklace makes for sassy Maddox.

Any accessory left about the house WILL end up on Audrey. Love her so much.

Little lovey was briefly unwell which made for the best snuggles.

Sleeping with the bowl. Classic childhood memory.

1…2…3 little rolling ballers

NEW YEAR'S EVE, man did we have fun. So much fun.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas fun!

Thanksgiving was a blast with all of the family together again. I can only imagine the chaos and immense fun we should have if our cousins' cousins(the Womacks), and all of their spouses and offspring would come back for a holiday. We made great memories all through our childhood, raising raucous and running wild. It was a blessing to grow up and share life with a brood of cousins. As it were, we had 26 of us, nicely settled into Papaw's heated shop for the meal and loud fellowship. It seems I am able to eat much less than I did in my youth. Kind of sad really with all of that stuffing and potatoes just begging to be mowed down. The weather was a balmy mid 40s as far out as the forecast would go, until it dropped to -16. That didn't slow Audrey down one bit. The girl LOVES to go. She toddled around the yard with Sam by her side, digging in dirt and mud, swiping at the massive piles of snow atop every object left out, climbing through barbed wire fences and sauntering half way across the horse pasture while on my "watch". She is a fearless adventurer, even when the boys poop out and bag the snow for TV time. A week at home isn't enough time to see all of the people I would like to see and get quality time with precious friends and family. I suppose it is a good thing; We love and are loved by many incredible people.

Shortly upon returning from MT, we ventured out in the bitter, bitter, cold to cut down a tree. That was less fun than we make it out to be. I mean, it is a better tradition than buying one off a lot or inserting the branches on the fakey we have in storage but man was it COLD. We quickly picked a tree that was "good enough", lopped it off and hauled out of there. Nearly all of the bagillion lights we purchased last year were half dead this year, making me even more sure that they sell us garbage on purpose so they can get us to buy them again each year. I strung about one sixth the amount of lights on it this year and I am sure I will be thanking myself when I tear it all down.
The kids are old enough and just interested enough to help out and they did a nice job hanging the ornaments as far as they could reach. I also sprung for technicolor baby trees for the rooms and there is glitter everywhere one can imagine.

A friend from our small group at church does photography on the side, and caught some super snap shots of our family. I will share some with you now :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Audrey, the wild card

Audrey is a riot. She is obviously very smart, she is also strong willed(which I am certain came from Bing), she loves to read, dance and color. She also loves shoes, so that is cool.

She has begun crossing her arms with a stern look and turning away when asked to perform some task, very naughty, very naughty indeed. She will learn quickly that that don't fly. Like her brothers, she is very sensitive to reprimands and discipline. I find this to be a good deal. The more sensitive, the more they hate it and respond in the positive with changed behavior. I will not write a book on this because I am no authority on the matter, these are just observations of MY children. I will say, we offer our kids GOBS of positive feedback, kudos for behavior that is beautiful, wonderful, and uplifting. We reinforce the good behavior mightily and I think that helps them to choose good over the naughty.

Playing with Auntie Reese's pretty while observing the "getting ready ritual"

Attitude? What attitude?

Grammie and all her baby-babies during the family visit my sisters talked a bit about here, and here.

Coloring has yet to be limited to just.the.paper. despite reprimands and showing what is right and what isn't, she likes to color herself. As long as it ends in childhood and she doesn't become some mohawked, tatooted Miley Cirus we'll be good.

Looking kinda "Miley" here. Keep your shirt on girl!!

Sometimes she goes missing. When this happens I first check the boy's room as she is usually reading. Sometimes she is downstairs playing with toys but usually reading.
I am not amused mom.

11 Month Fiasco

Spring Sprang

Family fun

Maddox and Daddy Giggle

Maddox makes a funny face

Date Night Bowling

Winter in Oregon